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I know first hand how much you love your dog. These are my dogs Dirk and Scarlett. My love for them is boundless. For over a decade, they've woken me up, lit me up, and taught me how to truly be my best self. They inspired me to parlay this phenomenal bond we have created into connecting and caring for dogs everywhere, and visa versa, as a vocation and an enterprise. I couldn't be more grateful to them, and to all the pups I've been fortunate enough to know over the years. Dirk and Scarlett are the wellspring from which my passion for dogs flows, the roots from where GoDoG has sprung and flourished and the source of my devotion. I am looking forward to getting to know your pup. 

GoDog | Dog Boarding in Brooklyn, NY

Jason Durishin

Founder, GoDoG

Me and my pups...
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Let's Celebrate 15 Years of GoDoG!

Our Dog behavior modification trainers in Brooklyn, NY are so lucky to have been caring for dogs in Brooklyn for over 15 years! As part of our celebration, we're offering some special promotions.


All new customers will receive 15% off their services if booked before Labor Day.  

Our client referral program promises you a walk on the house for every new client referred to us that signs up for regularly scheduled visits, as well as two of my "highly lauded" home-cooked canine meals for your dog to try.


Reach out today to schedule your dog walking services in Brooklyn, NY!

Check out our reviews (or leave one yourself!) on Google + Yelp!

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Who are these cats that take out my dog??


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