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Over the years I've come into contact with many services, organizations and community groups. Below is just a small list of resources you may find valuable. I will continue to add and update, so please check back.

Certified Dog Trainers

Dani Santinella //

Dani and I have known each other for years, and have worked in tandem with many pups during that time. She’s skilled, patient, disciplined, loving and a wonderful trainer.

Jason Cohen //

Jason originally was a client of mine. He brought his puppy Karma to us ( she and I are completely in love btw :- ) Long story short, he went on to study where Dani did and training is now his jam. He’s super passionate, always studying and learning more and terrific trainer.

Bijan Samawat //

I know Bijan through Dani. He’s done some board and train work with a reactive pit-mix of ours, and I’m a fan of the dude, and sold on his work ( thumbs up)


Vetrinarians & Health

Marcela Salas //

Marcela is the bomb! She used to work at Animal Kind, and I will say, that’s a terrific clinic. She decided to open her own practice with her friend and peer Rebecca Stronger (whom I've also come to admire since getting to know her) and I followed. She’s truly dedicated, has amazing "bedside manner", and is very knowledgeable and loyal. They are a wonderful team!

Healthy Paws Insurance //

I cannot emphasize enough how important this is and how affordable healthcare for your dog is whether you have a puppy or senior. I will save you the the trouble of shopping around and simply recommend the company that has taken such good care of my dogs, Healthy Paws. I am more than happy to answer any questions in detail about my experience with them, just reach out. Additionally, for those who are interested, if you sign up, I can provide you with a friends and family referral code which will guarantee you a discount of up to 10%.

Community Groups

Fido Brooklyn //

Anyone who has a dog and lives in SW Brooklyn knows who Fido is anyone who is just moving here with dog aught to. They are basically all things Prospect Park and dog, with many events, gatherings and resources themselves.

Products & Rescue Groups

Pet Delight // Pet Delight Yelp

This is a hidden jewel of a pet store on 25th st and 3rd ave. It's a 'mom and pop' joint, if you will, run by quite a character in my good friend Jeff. Their prices are unmatched and they have their own line of treats. Jeff is a partner in a farm in Pennsylvania, and the link directly below is to that farm's products. You can also visit Pet Delight in person as well, and don't forget to tell Jeff, Jason form GoDoG sent ya, he'll be "delighted!"

Food //

The Sato Project //

NYC Rescue //

Brooklyn Rescue //

Posh Pets Rescue //

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