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Mostly owners in pics sans me :-)  For "contemporary reviews", please check us out on Yelp!


Though we had both owned dogs before, this was our first experience raising a puppy, Daphne. Jason, Andy, and Alex were helpful every step of the way. They supplied us with tips, tricks, and even a bit of doggy developmental theory. We quickly discovered that Jason and his team were everything we were looking for in a dogwalker. They left us fun notes after each walk, informing us of Daphne's activities for the day, which were especially helpful for anxious new doggy parents. Jason would also accommodate us whenever we needed late night or weekend walks, and even took care of Daphne when we were out of town for Thanksgiving. More important than any of these details----Daphne was absolutely in love with Jason (and Andy and Alex!). When he walked through the door, she would fly over to him, frantically trying to lick his face. While it was certainly comforting to know that Jason was responsible and honest, the real comfort came from knowing that our little puppy was happy and spending time with someone who she loved. We would strongly recommend Jason for any family seeking a responsible, caring, and friendly companion for their dog.

Thanks & love, Becca & Ben


We highly recommend Jason as a dog walker! We hired him to come in several times a day when we were going through the puppy stage. Jason was great with our little guy Winston and gave us many helpful tips for puppy training. We also left Winston with Jason and his crew on a weekend away. Winston was spotted walking the neighborhood and taking in a sunny afternoon at The Gate with Jason and his pups. We went through a period where Winston required daycare rather than walks due to boredom and mischief during our long workdays. During this time we ran into Jason in the neighborhood and Winston jumped higher than I've ever seen before, right into Jason's arms tail wagging and licking like crazy. That reaction was testimonial enough!! Jason is responsible, trustworthy, caring and will take great care of your pooch!


Brent, Ashley, and Winston K.


GoDoG is incredibly reliable as a service for people who love their pets. My insane french bulldog Birdy got long walks with Jason and his other dog walkers, playtime, and all the attention she needed when I was working long hours. Beyond that, she also (apparently) got training. All I know is that I never taught her "leave it," but it works now because she doesn't eat everything on the street! The most important thing for me was that as an owner--'parent'--Jason was easy and fun to talk to about what's going on! He insisted on leaving a note every day to let me know exactly what happened with her lovely bowel movements! Now that I've moved from New York, I've realized how lucky I was to have him caring for my dog. GoDoG rocks ! See attached picture... (here we are pictured winning the blue ribbon for "Redneck Category" in a 4th of July dog parade in Maine! 


Kate & I got our new puppy Joba (Boston Terrier) back in September of 2008. Although we can sometimes be quite the planners, we really didn’t line up our dog walking and dog-sitting services prior to getting Joba. Jason & the GoDoG team were one of the dog-walking/sitting services we interviewed and we got a great feeling for Jason from Day 1 and agreed to give GoDoG the green light for helping us w/ our new best friend. Although I work from home primarily I found myself traveling on business many weeks during the next 9 months and Kate was busy commuting to and working in Manhattan. Joba was left alone most of the day so we arranged for 1 or 2 Dog Walks from GoDoG everyday we weren’t able to be home w/ Joba. Every single time we had requested GoDoG they were on time & left great notes on Joba’s progrxess. Whether it was something as simple as how he did and if he did “his business” or if they had some recommendations on new things we should try w/ him, we looked forward to the notes everyday and even when I was away I would call Kate for Joba’s daily “report card”. It was great to know someone was giving him time and affection during the day when we were unable to spend time w/ the little guy.

We’ve sinced moved upstate to Saratoga Springs for a slower paced & more laid back lifestyle but we def. miss Jason & his GoDoG crew and speak of Joba’s little walking buddies he met along the way quite frequently. We even got a few pics mailed our way a few weeks back from Jason from Joba & his buddy Winston wrestling around on one of their walks – what a trip!

We highly recommend GoDoG to anyone in the Slope looking for top-notch dog services.


Dan & Kate & Joba!

Mina, Julia & Liza

Jason became a member of our family in June 2008 when we needed help with our two pups, a cocker spaniel (Julia, 14 years old) and bull mastiff (Mina, 3 years old). We couldn't have found any one more caring and attentive, and supportive! Jason's helpers were also knowledgeable and would let us know when they noticed any change in behavior, or anything out of the ordinary. They were as sad as we were when Julia died. In May this year, we adopted a staffordshire terrier (Liza, 18 months old). Jason and his crew superbly handled these two very opposite personalities - a demure and dignified Mina, and an energetic, pushy Liza - each pulling in a different direction. But Jason and company had no problems controlling these two which I didn't doubt for a second. If I got into a scheduling jam, Jason and his team always tried to accommodate us, and the care of the fur kids was always the foremost concern. I am very happy to recommend Jason to anyone who needs a professional caregiver (emphasize giver of care) for their four legged family members!


Hedy Matteson


When I moved to Park Slope, I had just recently gone through a break up, was leaving a neighborhood that I had been in for over three years and was very fond of. I ended up in a horrible living situation, my job had me working ridiculous hours and I was completely stressed out. For several months Carew (my dog) was the best part of my day and life. I was very apprehensive to leave her with someone I did not know at all previously. 


When I met Jason for the first time I felt completely at ease. It was obvious from the very beginning that he really liked her and was almost just as concerned about her well being as I was. Jason and his crew I think really enjoyed walking Carew and everyday I came home to a note letting me know how well she did, some of the funny things she did that day and the obligatory did she poop or pee or both. They were always very flexible to my schedule which was insane at the time and they really saved the day for Carew on more than one occassion. Since I did have such a horrible living situation I eventually moved back to my previous neighborhood. Carew and I were both really sad to say goodbye to them and we still miss them. When are you expanding to Greenpoint?!!!


Carew's Mom


I don't know what we would do with GoDoG! Jason took the time to meet us before setting up a weekly walking schedule and made us feel very comfortable leaving our dog in his care. We came home each day to personalized messages about Snoop's walks and never felt out of the loop. Jason made himself available by phone at all times and even helped us brainstorm about solutions for our dog's chewing problem and recommended a new type of food that helped with our dog's occasional accidents in the house. Having used other dog walking services in the past, I have never found another that is as caring and attentive as the GoDoG team!"


Jason was Morgan's dog walker from the time I brought Morgan home as a little puppy, until I moved away from Brooklyn. He even helped me brainstorm names. It is easy to see that Jason loves what he does and that meant I always knew that he loved Morgan. I never had any doubt that Morgan was in the best of hands. Jason is extremely trustworthy, responsible, thoughtful and gentle. They don't come any better than this, trust me!

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